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  1. Notes: 14 / 3 years ago 

    Our two thousand year nap… (or how we slacked off and nothing seems to have got done since the Greeks ruled)

    So, those Greeks, they really had things figured huh?

    I don’t mean to seem like a Graecophile to the point of irrational, and moreover irritating, fetishism (like, well, the majority of Japanophiles - yes, yes, I love Hello Kitty and Asian Schoolgirls too, but stop going on about it already) and I know that going even further back to the Egyptian civilization would showcase more fundamental differences, but seriously, if you look at the Greek civilization, at their society, and then to ours, and then back, and then forward again, you surely can’t help but wonder about what we evidently squandered about two and a half thousands years of ‘advancement’ on…

    I have just recently started studying Philosophy, and even at this early stage in my studies, it is one of the key points of incongruent sluggishness in humanity’s development that simply confounds me to the point of sheer disbelief. Three Greek guys (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle), in that respective hierarchy of linear student/teacher relationship and so all interconnected, in their collective lifespans developed Western Civilization further (from it’s genesis to what we still consider very advanced study) than in the subsequent two thousand years (in which we began very slowly chipping away at what they uncovered).

    Although when you actually think about it, this slackening of the rate of expected improvement is not just confined to that one area, from an even cursory examination of the macrocosm of humanity’s (supposed) progress you see it in nearly every area besides technology, and yet that one area is still held up as our champion, as if it is somehow redemption for our failure to actually genuinely advance as a people:

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  2. Notes: 1 / 3 years ago 

    False Charity

    I’m not sure what exactly spurred the genesis of this hastily written poem. I was thinking about how the whole STARVING AFRICANS! PLEASE HALP! manipulative television advertisements haven’t really bled into the online space yet.

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