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  1. Notes: 6 / 2 years ago 

    I create therefore I am

    Everything is creation. Creation is being. Destruction is simply the creation of a state of unbeing.

    What I can do with words, no man before or after will have equaled, short of homage or plagiarism.

    I wish I could show you the craftsmanship, the vast spiderweb of connections in my mind. Every line has twenty meanings all intermingled, infinite depth, and all fit perfectly in the same matrix.

    Of course, if I show you, if I explain it to you, it will become less compelling. A showman must rely on the carefully orchestrated ignorance of his audience.

    If I could show you what I see, how I see, you would never leave my side.

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  2. Notes: 2 / 2 years ago 

    The Use of White Space (on Paper and in Minds) - A Short Essay on the connection betwen Writing Theory and Human Physchology

    For a moment, consider two categories of things in your life; what you have, and what you want - which do you think about more? Which are more valuable to you? Which would you rather have?

    As a writer, what you don’t say is far more important than what you do say; the blank space, the implications, the suggested imagery and most importantly, the frenzied speculation you will surely stir in recipient minds. Your target must be to imbue the reader with a desperate desire for continuation, you need to evoke in them a sense of ultimate connection to the narrative and an intangible but powerful wish to have it continue. In their hindsight you will thus insert the addition of increased satisfaction stimulated from what they did actually get to read.

    As a story teller, you must make a whole Universe; planets, stars, asteroids. You must be master of every atom in this universe. You must make it perfectly clear to the reader that you have created such an elaborate, expansive world, and then you must not show them more than a single day on a single planet.

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