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    Immortal Tusks

    Together, on one fine day, we left, at no vocal request,
    with great haste and no thought spared for the hereafter
    A dark continent, bearing adventure’s well-worn crest,
    was the destination of our erratic and impetuous quest
    Whilst there we adapted, shared in tears and laughter,
    befriending bleak hordes now hopelessly dispossessed
    Whence natural fury did stir, bringing about grand disaster,
    both communities and structures alike endured the stress
    We lent aid to the distressed, laying those no longer to final rest
    We helped upright buildings for those who heeded no master
    We rebuilt bridges that elephant herds tread longer still after
    A century from now, these forgotten things will still matter,
    when even elephantine memory begins to fade, but no faster,
    when our bones are ashen and have just began to scatter,
    hooves with ungulate grace will still be heard to clatter thereafter

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