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  1. Notes: 1 / 2 years ago 

    The most exquisitely torturous Fantasm

    Ah, to awake sweating and breathless from a nighttime emissary apparition. Perhaps the only sadness which is briefly but intensely enlivening. Oh, but the melancholy afterwards… Still, it’s been a while now - is that a good thing?

    Gently I awoke, to feel you softly breathing

    abreast, in perfect frozen serenity you laid
    Still, I eyed you with a mindful disbelieving
    Far too immaculate a scene, which betrayed
    that in my bed, besides me, and deceiving
    my eager senses is really merely but a shade
    I wasn’t truly seeing, indeed just perceiving
    Realizing that ghostly remnants do pervade
    my dreamstate anew, fantasy begins to fade
    Again I wake, sorrowed chest weakly heaving

    Damned jerking reality shift tore me from vainest bliss
    Fabricated paradise! Yet one in which I’d fight to exist
    A frigidly icy space, as of an unmistakable emptiness
    belies this biting truth which now is shown far plainest;
    by me no-one lays, as only a silent void does persist
    It seems there’s an invisible, utterly impenetrable rift
    betwixt us, slumber’s vault harbors this shadowy Miss
    No efforts on my part can free her from dreamy midst

    Shamelessly panting and pleading, screaming silently
    All that I am now afforded is blurry, fading recollection
    and wretched thoughts on how good that it would be
    should my dreams, with their euphoric self-deception
    and splendidly beguiling finery, become awoken reality

  2. Notes: 9 / 2 years ago 

    Correspondence through Time (on the matter of Obsession)

    Part I

    First, a brief, but vitally important, letter to my past self,

    so a younger me might find it and save my mental health,
    it’s to be cast, once it is ‘bottled’, as far as possibly adrift
    on the sea of time’s shifting tides amongst the cosmic rift!

    Oh, you must preserve your sight as if it were your mind,
    and protect it by refraining from your prior profuse peeking
    For though rampant curiosity is not likely to strike you blind,
    what it is that your inquisitiveness will either come to find
    is the honest, brutal revelations they have inked in keeping
    with reasons good enough for the spurring of your weeping
    or maybe you’ll discover jibes written with the malice of unkind
    motives which memories and thoughts of you are now assigned

    Ah, but curiosity! That such oft famed lethal cat enticement,
    is so very likely to call to you so very kindly that my advisement
    towards avoiding the piercing pains of an after-fact realizement
    is still ostensibly to seem as an easily dismissed forethought
    so even as you read what I resignedly write about our hindsight
    being in your state of eager foolish stupor you’ll care for naught
    You’re probably still longing after what it is you’ve so long sought

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