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    The abhorrently treasured remembrances of abomination’s veterancy

    Despite now being in bohemian refuge, poetry has nonetheless recently become very taxing for me, both mentally and emotionally. What once fueled my words is, somewhat thankfully, absent. Still, I apologize for the lack of output. I mean to write more.

    Such vast and enduring foes I had sadly chose to carelessly amass
    amid all of those fierce campaigns from a now fast embittered past
    Clashes arose in bloodlust; a grievous but alluring sort of warring craft
    and what of those once adoring claims? Only prose truly knows, if asked
    Yes, remains of bloodied annals impartially disclose these awful facts at last
    Damning evidence, now known solely to repose, of a genesis finally unmasked
    Things wordlessly eternally resaid, in venomous soft eloquence, of a finery contrast
    Proposed in trying elegance of undying aghast throes whence blood unjustly splashed

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