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    LAPping at the Black LACE of a DEMON’s Veil

    I believe it to be so that nothing can be truly lost forever
    but oft rather merely misplaced, transmuted or forgotten
    Those few words of utterance, before ties were to sever,
    might seem as if scattered to the wind, long since trodden,
    by time’s fear inspiring tread, whence memories slowly rotten

    But rather, to the contrary, they live on in a different manifestation
    That moment’s words, and their vibrations in the surrounding air
    transferred energy to the molecules around the vocalizations there
    Subatomic oscillations carry the legacy of your meaning by causation
    spreading through the world like the shedding and dispelling of a tear
    does extirpate one’s sadness and sows it quite rightly anywhere but here

    It travels onward like a vagrant, whom hasn’t any home
    and must always roam in that aimless, almost flagrant
    trawl of someone cast away in a sea topped with foam
    frothing with all the concepts sown of emptiest dismay

    Was it good that it even arose?
    Now, it won’t cease I suppose
    It may never reach a repose
    What a thing to transpose

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