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    Ode to a Poet in absentia

    The dull gray of a graphite pick frees
    iceberg shards, most peculiarly frozen
    into a faint sky’s blue, at the freeze
    tainted, the most ragged are chosen;
    formed into his iris and into his lens
    A vestibule with clarity of focus held
    fast, beyond any writers’ or any pens’
    ability to describe or to have compelled
    A cold calculating logic duly contends
    with compassion, in his gaze expelled
    an internal battle raging and portends
    thought most fierce and oh so impelled
    A theater of war and drama transcends
    the visible and the obviously withheld
    for in this last bastion of sight ascends
    a grand intelligence with ego swelled

    Coppered acorn shade

    Strands flow, cascade;
    wild unkempt hair with
    similarly untamed spirit
    Like adventure’s myth,
    carelessness seen in it
    Let blow about in wind;
    thrown around in spring
    So wary to let rescind
    his mane, so like a king
    who will hear no affront
    to the extravagance of
    his crown, and mustn’t
    field those lavish bunch
    who cast such judgment
    in hypocrisy to confront
    Chosen unsophistication
    shows ironic affectation!
    Defense against the brunt
    manifests as a cold front
    with his sarcasm so blunt
    in self-absorbed covenant

    Visage pockmarked with mistake,
    neglect and the toll of experience
    As tanks become battle scarred;
    surface scratches to a resilience
    And so, he’s thus visibly marred
    but with function intact, so far
    Please toss a coin to this bard
    Beautiful music written despite
    physical affliction, ignore plight
    of earthly body and so instead
    hear his words and see his fight
    Read his poems by candle light
    Through pores the song’s bled
    and in his veins the onyx flakes
    of its taint float by and shred
    his soul and imbue lover’s aches
    So that the pain might sustain
    continual angst and heartbreak
    to fuel the artistry’s costly reign

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