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    Ode to an abdicated Muse

    Fingertips oh so divine
    paint with flawless ace
    so many delicate lines
    Seen from outer space
    combine in composition;
    that of your pretty face
    Angles sharpened and
    curves thus interlaced
    Mercurial features drift
    in flux, with no solid place
    Sapphire stare causes
    all my pretense to erase
    Lustered chestnut hair
    of an overflowing pace
    Sanguine lips stir in me
    no will but to embrace
    Infused shadowed lines
    of a fine obsidian lace
    Your sharp intelligence
    takes my ego in displace
    A beautiful facade but
    with succubus encased
    A fiercely proud sylph
    moves with angelic grace
    An architectured Goddess
    but with no human trace

    A faerie’s dusting
    of daemonic pride
    So many past lives
    wordlessly inscribed

    In almost every detail
    she’s sublimely pure
    A flourished nobility,
    I’m profoundly sure
    With no worldly pomp;
    just a naked couture
    A pixie’s innocence
    but a siren’s allure
    Such perfection does
    nothing but ensure
    till I meet my maker
    I am forever inured
    to rebuttal or respite,
    by God, the only cure

    Such angry poise but
    always fearlessly sincere
    One sole cascading caste
    of a nymphean veneer
    A laugh with an awful
    power to hopelessly endear
    A smile that could beguile
    an even very wary seer
    A wrath no king or God
    may hope to commandeer
    A fury that could leave
    the world in everloving fear

    A picture that haunts
    my every single dream
    So many eons of trial
    evoke nary a scream

    An artist’s aesthetic appreciation
    Seen in realms of such elation
    A bard’s cooing poetic affection
    Found in this depth of dejection

    A goddess surely walks amongst us
    Her breath imbues vitality and new life
    Two souls intermingle and coalesce
    An assassin with so crystalline a knife

    My innocence I bartered for
    but you were the highest bidder
    Shooting stars collide in the sky
    I do wish that you’d reconsider

    All alone to dwell on that
    which does naught but hurt
    My ivory tower now so
    adorned with a spray of dirt
    A trek across a minefield
    I do so hope is now inert
    I’ll try to raise my Galleon
    from its grave in a desert
    I still always keep your image
    but my eyes they must avert
    Like quantum physics, I fear
    my observation may pervert
    the sanctity of your likeness
    and its loveliness so invert

    A life expended in
    an unearthly lust
    and for my trouble
    dismissal so unjust

    Even a life of toil could not
    pay my shameful debt
    I doubt that I will make it back
    but tell them not to fret
    Who I am now is but a half
    and I worship that silhouette
    I’m still so very infatuated
    by my last brunette vignette
    My heart still holds your bust,
    dwelling on your statuette
    In a place not far from death
    I miss you so much [sobriquet]

    I have seen the most
    refined Aphrodite beauty
    and poems in her tribute
    I’ll forever call my duty

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