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    Under Exalted heels no longer (Prologue)

    A king known as roughshod
    over all the human race;
    'My liege, you are a God.'
    says a woman still of chaste
    I do naught but slap her face
    without a moment’s haste

    I reason “In my kingdom,
    treason is that word,
    for it will have no place”

    Domineering for a purpose;
    to free a world of slaves
    who’d otherwise usurp us
    with tribute paid to knaves
    who claim a measly pittance
    must be the just remittance
    to those beyond our

    One night I sat with crown askew

    a feast had ended, leaving me alone,
    dastardly drunk on my golden throne
    Out a window I spied stars in view
    Wondering of their czars though too
    Who presides over such majesty?
    To horde it is surely a travesty!
    A painter must not covet their work
    enriching lives they’d thus have shirked

    Why should I not be him?
    Why should stars so dim
    be all the sky assigned to me?
    Wardens now so absentee!
    No-one’d contest my ploy
    Men’s assembly to destroy
    chains of faith used to toy
    with our lives, to point of cloy
    A Trojan horse not seen since Troy

    Earth is good and sea is grand
    but celestial pastures so expand
    far beyond the eye can see
    and annexed for my territory
    I would earn undying fame
    Cenotaph in Gods’ domain
    A legacy of hero’s acclaim
    In Valhalla a vanguard’s place

    No army of men may forge this fate
    Too weak and small, not strong with hate
    I’ll conscript ranks in fabled legendry
    Armies sourced from mortal treachery,
    whom firstly will wipe out the oblate
    then assemble to cross Heaven’s strait

    The morning after, sun rising, I did awake
    amongst other things, my head did ache
    the dawn held a stupor’s daze
    from all the grog since imbibed
    but set about a clarity’s haze
    A night of thoughts transcribed
    One notion had survived my sleep
    an instinct awoken from the deep
    That I would not be circumscribed
    the Gods themselves I’d surprise
    by shaking off this mortal guise
    Ascend to meet them eye-to-eye
    as the champion of all my kind
    For divinity I will, must, redefine
    And show all that Gods can fall

    I would start my righteous campaign
    against the makers not yet arraigned
    To claim the heavens for man on land
    To place our hand beyond arm’s just span

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