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    Under Exalted heels no longer (Part I)

    Headquarters made of my palace,
    a citadel of our mortal malice
    First I silenced the short outcry
    of those opposing plans to defy
    With promises Hercules would die
    I bribed Atlas to let tilt the sky
    above where my castle does lie
    a testament to man’s invention
    A black bubble of secrecy erected
    to cloak the doings of my dissension
    My base of operations now protected

    Campaign started, with skyward glare
    Seeking details of their towering lair
    Probe my enemy sat in airy overlook
    Revolve round them with roving rook

    Intel sourced from beyond the seal
    Decoys hooked on boundary reel
    Harpies played their part when aired;
    I had Hermes tracked, then ensnared
    To Earth he’d crossed, mortally bare
    Godhood fading, fight now impaired,
    Delivering message, so unprepared
    The Godly son saw Men not scared
    Wings snapped, in a viscous trap
    Daedalean craft with brutal blow
    I’m sure no eyes had seen though,
    thunder wasn’t even heard to clap;
    Zeus oblivious to this wicked show

    The scout, now in my command
    gave up, with some ‘persuasion’
    maps of an oh so special land
    Allowed delusions of an evasion
    But others so sought his brand
    to punish his trickster freight
    and he sure had elusive gait
    So I did hold him in remand,
    anticipating his use as bait

    Charon's obol mocked so loud
    Coffin pall worn as evening shroud
    That Stygian coin blast as shot
    If Hell is warm, my rage is hot!

    Before I knelt and bared my teeth
    Hades’ treaty proclaimed peace
    He had watched with eager eyes
    Kings of Olympus whom he despised
    Claiming he would not dare interfere
    Spies’ll claim to his role he’d adhere
    Providing angry nymphs slyly though
    and tactics and tricks he’d undergo
    As reward; Hermes’ head and helm
    So content I’ll let him keep his realm

    Rouse the gatekeeper, all the while
    lies and promises said with smile
    But Hercules saw through the ruse
    and fought us with warrior enthuse
    Undead, now weakened, pitiful
    left, by chance, in state near critical
    His defeat a herald of my advent
    Notched and fired, first arrow sent

    I’ll rend the Heavens from the Earth
    and such be given private berth;
    a limbo, a debasing hearth
    to cook the chains in mortal fire
    Unleash beasts no man could sire
    Molten, charred; no brittled zeal
    Freed and angry - now ideal
    Offer up holy virgins to defile
    Appease the bastards; wine and oil
    Lend their ears and fill with bile

    Now douse my Titans in hellfire wrath

    Such rugged veneer the imprisoned hath
    To convey their mission, direct this spear;
    'Whose hallowed land is cloud frontier?'

    Storied immortals will be made to kneel
    My Cerberus mutt since forced to heel
    A plan perfected beneath the keel
    amongst the vermin and the wheel
    In this underbelly with my forgotten,
    those Godly defectors ill-begotten
    And the best of men to be found
    armored in a meteor’s compound
    Minotaur horns adorn my crown
    All assembled, given task and deal
    and sharp and flame; ungodly steel
    Held enraged, awaiting dawn and fight
    Marching with a pacemaker sprite
    Crossing boundary to scale the height

    Each one of us Man’s vital knight
    A routemarch song did excite
    the mortal fire we’d long incite:
    "Your pompous and enslaving light
    to be smothered by free men’s right
    We’ll wage war on Heaven’s might!”

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